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Lab 351: innovation-in-a-box approach allows anyone in the company to develop their ideas and entrepreneurial skills

The Globe and Mail encourages all employees in the company to pitch as many innovative ideas as they can even if they are at the back of napkin stage.

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Media Innovation Studio: international research, creative methods and multidisciplinary approaches

UCLan's Media Innovation Studio is a research centre and learning media lab which engages in a broad variety of media activities, including drone journalism, progressive media teaching, media research and product development.

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Media Lab Bayern: an incubation unit for digital media development and innovation

Focused on digital journalism innovation, Media Lab Bayern is a co-working incubation unit for media innovation startup companies which provides journalism and entrepreneurship aid and coaching for media development.

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Arizona State University New Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab: cutting-edge media innovation through app development

Arizona State University New Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab is a research and development unit which focuses on producing cutting-edge products for media companies and educating students from various departments to enhance the regional and national media system.

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