Working with startups allows media companies to discover new approaches and forward-looking solutions that help them create a sustainable business for the future.

The Global Alliance for Media Innovation aims to bring together the next generation of tech entrepreneurs and startups to meet and engage with our global network of media executives.

Working with startups unlocks the innovation potential of tech entrepreneurs with outstanding creative solutions but a lack of market access to commercialise them successfully.

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Afrozaar – Publisher’s Toolbox for the digital world

The products can exist independently of each other, but when integrated they provide an enterprise grade media distribution capability that is sustainable. – Unlocking previously inaccessible ad inventory

Helping publishers to grow revenues by circumventing ad blockers and monetizing previously inaccessible inventory.

BeOpinion – Ask your readers for instant feedback

BeOpinion proposes a plug-in that allows you to ask questions and set up polls, quizzes or personality tests to better understand your audiences.

Collabrik – Story-centric collaboration for cross platform planning and publication

Collabrik is a cloud-based enabler for cross platform news planning, based on collaborative work processes and a new take on analytics.

ContentConverter – Mobilise your content, fast and easy

With the ContentConverter system, you can convert your content into the digital formats that you require.

Element AI – Customised applications that are easy to integrate into existing processes

AI Element is pioneering an AI-First world by turning the world’s most important AI research into transformative business applications.

Frameright – Image cropping with metadata and AI

Frameright makes image cropping non-destructive and fast with AI and a browser-based UI.

Genscom – High volume segmented and personalised newspapers

Genscom is specialized in handling high volume segmented and personalized communication, both in the offline and online arenas.

hyScore – The content intelligence platform

hyScore, a Berlin-based company founded in May 2017, is an independent, cross-industry provider of innovative Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions combined with Machine Learning (ML).

INJECT – Creative discovery tool that explores data, articles and visuals in a novel way

Use INJECT for 3 to 5 minutes to find original angles for your story and start building your article instantly through the integration in your text editor.

InVID – Video verification tool for social media content

In response to the growing attention for the fake news problem, InVID released a free browser plug-in to help journalists verify images and videos and debunk fake video news.

Ividence – monetise newsletters through real time native ads

Ividence enables publishers to monetise efficiently one of their most valuable assets: their newsletter.

Jeeng – AI powered autonomous marketing platfrom

Jeeng is an AI-powered autonomous marketing platform that enables businesses to communicate with their users on a personalized level.

Locationews – Map-based application that changes the way your news is read

Locationews offers a powerful publishing channel for free. Your content will reach a wider audience with a strong regional focus, which is valuable for your advertising revenues.

MagLoft – Digital publishing solution for publishers and enterprises

MagLoft helps professional publishers build fully branded native apps and get published in apps stores.

Magnet – AI-based audience engagement solution to personalise news and save costs

Magnet helps publishers and content aggregators attract new visitors to their website and retain the existing ones.

Mehrwertmacher – Live feedback from readers to improve your services

This German startup allows you to get to know readers better and discover regional themes.

Multipass – One subscription to access paid content on multiple websites

The first multisite subscription, that allows readers to surf without ads or restrictions on all their favorite websites.

Newsadoo – Spotify for news

Newsadoo is the European Initiative to create a functioning digital news market in the sense of European publishers and quality media.

Norkon Pulse – Innovative financial news platform powered by real-time data

The most advanced financial news platform on the market powered by real-time data, Norkon Pulse turns publishers’ financial market pages into a new source of digital revenue.

Nunki – Location-based social media listening technology for the modern newsroom

An online platform that concentrates the best features to find and manage the most relevant social posts in one place.

Ownpage – Personalisation solutions to increase publishing revenues

Ownpage allows news companies to show readers stories they’re interested in and lets users build personalised newsletters.

Oyoty – Keep children safe online and build critical understanding of online media

A personal e-safety assistant for children, Oyoty detects threats and risks on smart devices and social networks using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and alerts parents.

PandaSuite – Create your own app without any technical skills needed

An online studio for easily creating all kinds of interactive stories, communication tools, magazines or games.

Poool – Platform that helps publishers to personalise their readers journey

Poool’s dynamic paywall enables publishers to simply collect, analyse and activate their data to personalise readers’ experience and increase engagement.

Qiota – Engage your audience, monetize your content

Qiota is a SaaS platform for advanced paywall management and content monetization.

Readefined – A.I.-powered audience insights beyond clicks and average depth

Readefined (by Rewordly Inc.), is a plug-and-play, AI-powered deep content analytics platform that can measure, price around, and predict real attention for publishers.

SwissPay – Reinvent the way to consume news media

Through the Smart Wall, SwissPay intends to reconcile media users with paid content by offering them a simple way to pay for single articles.

textOmatic – From big data to big insights in next to no time

textOmatic AG, founded 2015 and based in Dortmund, Germany, specializes in the industry-independent automatic creation of news and reports by using methods of artificial intelligence (AI).

The Buzzard – Browser for political perspectives on the Internet

The Buzzard is the world’s first platform that allows people to better perceive the full range of political debates on various topics in Europe.

Thomas Buchanan – Crafting great experiences through human-centred design

This design and innovation studio is committed to creating things people want.

Updatemi – Automate labour-intensive jobs and speed up the workflow

Using their expertise in artificial intelligence, Apollo develops tools that help media companies to automate labor-intensive jobs like PDF segmentation or article clustering.

Utopia Analytics – Increase profit, drive growth and improve customer satisfaction

Utopia is at the forefront of analytics that allow publishers to increase profit, aiming to solve the hardest cases of text analytics, machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence.

Wafana – Fact checking user-generated content on social media

Wafana is the first fact-checking news agency in Germany specialising in content from social networks.

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