27 APRIL 2021 – GAMI Briefing #1: AI and Newsroom Performance/Productivity

Register now: GAMI Briefing #1: “AI and Newsroom Performance/Productivity”

Tune in to the first edition of our latest series of GAMI events: the GAMI briefings !

Our regular briefings will bring you the right balance between discussions on new trends from the most innovative media outlets from our community, and a regular selection of useful and practical cases and
innovative solutions as take-aways!

Provisional schedule for the next GAMI Briefings in the upcoming months (exact dates TBC):

GAMI Briefing #2: Blockchain in the newsroom (in May)
GAMI Briefing #3: Tech and audience engagement (in June)
GAMI Briefing #3: Green and sustainable media (TBC)

Limited to 50 participants: Register NOW!

=> Registration to GAMI Briefing #1 is now open!

GAMI Briefing #1: “AI and newsroom performance/productivity” on 27 April (15:00 to 16:30 CET):

  • David Caswell, Executive Product Manager, BBC News Labs, UK: Creating new story formats from existing text articles using automation.
  • Katarina Ellemark, Product Owner, Bonnier, Sweden: Personalising news content at Bonnier News Local, and how to feed learnings back to the newsroom.
  • Neil Maiden, Director of CebAI, the National Centre for Creativity enabled by AI at City, University of London, UK: JECT.AI, a digital tool that uses AI to assist journalists in their researching and writing process by recommending new angles, original ideas for stories, thus enhancing their creativity and efficiency.
  • Dina Shatner, Co-founder & CEO, Trenario, Israel: Trenario automatically generates videos and simulations led by AI-driven presenters, turning your content into a life-like experience with a click of a button.

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