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Media Innovation Mapping research seeks to understand innovation and the organisational structures that exist with news publishers, content producers, research institutions and clusters and technology providers.

It is a collaboration between the the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers’ Global Alliance for Media Innovation, the Media Innovation Studio at UCLan, Ubilab at PUCRS university in Brazil, Norway’s NxtMedia innovation cluster and Stibo Accelerator based in Denmark.

The project plans to ‘map’ innovation labs, clusters and a selection of projects globally to establish insights into a number of factors. These include how the media labs are structured, and why they were created, what type of methods they use to innovate, their products and services and stories of their successes and failures.

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What is WAN-IFRA’s Data Science Expert Group?

WAN-IFRA launched the Data Science Expert Group intending to arm practitioners with insights, feedback, and tools to grow audiences, deepen user engagement, and optimise reader revenues.

Interview – Ouest Médialab: Focus on local innovation key to staying “rooted in reality”

The collaborative media lab based in Nantes, France, works closely with local publishers and innovative players in their region. Direct contact with local players helps the lab stay focused on the real issues that companies in their network deal with.

26-27 JANUARY 2023 – MEDIA LAB DAYS #6 Hamburg

The sixth WAN-IFRA Media Labs Days in Hamburg brought together media labs, academics and start-ups to talk innovation processes, Web3 and AI.

Inholland’s Sustainable Media Lab: imagining socially, environmentally and technically sustainable infrastructure

Inholland’s Sustainable Media Lab is leading the way on imagining socially, environmentally and technically sustainable infrastructure.

Green media briefing: Journalism and the Climate Change Crisis eSummit

Last month, WANIFRA’s ‘green media’ PhD candidate Kirsty Styles joined a panel at the World Editors Forum’s Global eSummit.

GAMI Briefing #4: Media Labs session (17.02.22)

GAMI Briefing #4: Media Labs session (17.02.22) Media labs, innovation networks, accelerators and start-ups from across Europe, the fourth edition of GAMI’s regular online briefings covered a diverse range of innovations and ways to innovate.   These included new approaches to broadcast technology, AI-powered podcast experiences, open innovation networks that supported media and data-journalism powered by the internet of things. [...]

FASTlab: Future Arts, Science and Technology Laboratory

Our latest media lab piece comes from Professor Paul Egglestone, Head of School of the Creative Industries in the College of Human and Social Futures at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Egglestone is a founding member of the Global Alliance for Media Innovation and formerly founder of the Media Innovation Studio at the University of Central Lancashire. Here, he describes [...]

Green media briefing: a look back at the World News Media Congress

Hear the University of Oxford’s Meera Selva, Pierre Petillault of Alliance Presse and Schibsted’s Markus Ahlberg tackle ‘green media’.

Green media briefing: a brief history of media and the environment

Ahead of a discussion about what’s next for ‘green media’ at the Virtual World News Media Congress, this briefing takes a look back.

Der Tagesspiegel: interdisciplinary and audience-engaged innovation

Der Tagesspiegel: interdisciplinary and audience-engaged innovation Der Tagesspiegel’s Innovation Lab is a hub for interdisciplinary collaboration - producing projects spanning sensor journalism, data visualisation and interactive, immersive storytelling. Led by Hendrik Lehmann, the Lab emerged from a series of individual data journalism projects,  and has expanded to produce a range of storytelling and platforms innovations for Der Tagesspiegel’s newsroom operations. [...]

Future Media Hubs: building a media innovation network in the heart of Europe

An international network of sandboxes, innovation labs and accelerators allows its media organisation members to exchange learnings from their innovation projects and make connections with the startup ecosystem.

Alliance Presse: balancing economic and environmental success in the French press

Alliance Presse has made a four-point commitment to tackle environmental issues – focussed on concerns about advertising.

How can AI help improve newsroom productivity?

The GAMI Briefing #1 looked at how news publishers and journalists are using AI-powered solutions to work more efficiently, what kinds of issues arise when these tools are introduced in the newsroom, and what solutions exist to deal with such challenges.

“Tech and journalism are part of the same thing”: takeaways from the Media4Europe Summit

The event highlighted the need for the news media to work with other industries, but sometimes problems arise as different sectors have their own cultures and processes. How can we encourage and support collaborations across disciplines?

BBC Future Planet: sustainable development in a solutions newsroom

BBC Future Planet is calculating its digital footprint and cutting flying, which has cut costs and increased diversity in the newsroom.

Schibsted: after two centuries of innovation – people and planet are now the lead story

Since a shake-up at the top, Head of Sustainability, Britt Nilsen, is making sure the company is leading on diversity and the environment.

Lenfest Institute: working with the Philly Inquirer as a ‘test kitchen’ for COVID innovation and more

The Lenfest Institute was created through a philanthropic donation from media tycoon Gerry Lenfest, gifted alongside his ownership of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Editorial and digital strategy manager Joseph Lichterman explains what that has meant.

The Media Archaeology Lab: letting people discover different possibilities for innovation

Since 2009, the Media Archaeology Lab in at the University of Colorado, Boulder, has been welcoming students and the public to get their hands on the not-latest media technologies to help them ask different questions about innovation.

VRT Sandbox: leading the way on startup and media collaboration in Europe

VRT is the public-service broadcaster for Belgium’s Flemish community – but it also welcomes startups and scaleups through its doors with the promise of experience, exposure and even, perhaps, becoming an international export

Altinget: robot, engagement and constructive political journalism innovation

Altinget is building engaged communities around politics across Denmark and Sweden – and making money from it to experiment.

MediaLab EAFIT: Colombian perspective on media innovation

Media innovation methodologies are often created in well-developed media markets, but do they function equally well in different contexts around the world? We spoke to a Colombian university media lab to find out how it approaches its innovation projects.

NRKbeta: public service media innovation for the 21st century

NRKbeta has spent more than a decade developing its expertise where media, technology and society meet – to help Norway’s public service broadcaster, and now the wider Norwegian media – give the people what they need.

Media Labs Days Copenhagen: how automation is changing the news

From Japan to Canada, startups to tech giants, many media are now thinking about and using AI. What does this mean for media workers, readers, and, who’s responsible?

HHlab: Innovating new products and business opportunities

The German media lab focuses on innovation at the business model level, seeking and creating products and commercial opportunities that go beyond the conventions of the news industry.

VPRO Medialab: bringing storytelling to new technologies

The Dutch broadcaster’s media innovation lab uses novel technologies to provide engaging narrative experiences, while also informing its audience about the technologies’ possible impact on their everyday lives.

New report: Media Labs, unlocking change

The continued rise of Media Labs is the focus of the latest 2019 Trends in Newsrooms report. It unpacks their role, examines their organisation and offers advice on what you should do if you want to start one.

Rad, the journalism laboratory of Radio Canada, experiments with formats for young people

In May 2016, Radio-Canada made a strong commitment to innovation by creating Rad, a journalism laboratory that develops formats for young people who get news on the Internet. Since then, the lab has come a long way: two major digital awards, a weekly YouTube news broadcast and effective collaborations with the various teams at Radio-Canada.

Le Tank Media: stimulator of media entrepreneurship

Le Tank Media has become one of the leading actors in media entrepreneurship in France. Using this experience it is now expanding its ambitions, with a 1700 m² space dedicated to emerging media opening soon, as well as other new projects.

WSJ R&D: bringing data science and AI capabilities to the newsroom

The Journal’s R&D unit works across the newsroom to develop new computational approaches to empower journalists with machine learning and artificial intelligence resources.

La Compagnie Rotative, innovation through proximity

“La Compagnie Rotative is the media lab of proximities.” This phrase summarises well the philosophy behind the media lab of the group Centre France. Its approach to innovation is based on closeness between people, local economic actors, and citizens, as well as sharing and creating connections.

Media Labs Day Paris: studying the innovation landscape in news media and other industries

Over 30 media professionals and innovation lab leaders from around the world took part in the fourth edition of the Media Labs Day on 8 April 2019, hosted by Cap Digital in Paris.

MAS: Nice-Matin’s new innovation space

In 2015, Nice-Matin embarked on a profound digital transformation. Faced with major economic difficulties, the daily newspaper opted for a 180-degree turn to establish itself as an innovative media in its own right. Its latest initiative: MAS, the newspaper’s innovation space, launched last January.

Media Lab Days Vienna brought light on innovation experiences and challenges

Media Lab Days Vienna brought light on innovation experiences and challenges Over 20 media lab leaders and innovators from around the world participated in the third edition of the event, this time hosted by the Austrian Press Agency (APA) in Vienna. This edition of Media Lab Days had a different approach to past ones, with a focus on projects rather [...]

Media Innovation Labs survey: In search of what media and news can become

Initial results show different types of media labs within the regions researched, as well as a diversity of projects, which go from digital tools and new narratives to broader journalistic topics, while fostering innovation media culture.

The Annenberg Innovation Lab: ‘Think and Do Tank’ at the University of Southern California (USC)

Headed up by Colin Maclay, they combine nimbleness and network to be innovative both in their local community and on a national scale.

Monday Innovation Lab: Innovating step-by-step, while aiming for Utopia

When you think of innovation labs, you probably imagine a room of people figuring out the next groundbreaking app or tool. Monday Innovation Lab is taking innovation citywide.

Stanford Computational Journalism Lab: Laying the foundations of US data journalism

Working from the ground up, Stanford University is taking a new approach to innovation to provide platforms for journalists to tell stories that would otherwise go untold.

Mediati: incubating new media startups to shake up the legacy media landscape

“If content from old media cannot compete with a 22-year old YouTuber, that’s a problem,” says Mediati’s Content Strategist Simon Park.

Ouest Médialab: a cluster and independent media lab that supports the regional digital transition

Ouest Médialab brings together a variety of actors around digital innovation projects in the French regions Pays de la Loire and Bretagne.

RED/ACCION: both a formal innovation lab and daily experimentation in the newsroom

It’s important to have the space, the resources and the time to experiment and learn on a daily basis in the newsroom. “We don’t want the Maker Lab to be the only place where experimentation and learning take place”, says Chani Guyot.

“Stick to the method and do it by the book, at least in the beginning”

Five questions to Clemens Prerovsky (CDO) about ongoing projects, lessons learned and best practices at the APA-medialab.

FranceTV Lab: testing new tools in the lab first to facilitate adoption in the newsroom

In the lab, FranceTV tests new tools and learns how to use them before introducing them to the newsroom. A way to spread the digital culture among journalists, who tend to be conservative and not always open to new ways of working.

Media and Democracy: research and innovation to strengthen journalism, public discourse and democracy

Media organisations, academics and public institutions work together on experimental innovation and research at Lindholmen Science Park.

Media Lab Days Munich: sharing best practices and brainstorming about looking outwards

Media Lab Bayern in Munich hosted the second edition of GAMI’s Media Lab Days, which means two days of inspiration and brainstorming ended with a tour of a beer brewery.

Next Media Accelerator: the German Press Agency accelerating media and marketing start-ups in Hamburg

NMA aims to offer media and marketing start-ups a place to succeed and provide its 190 stakeholders with strategies for managing the digital transformation at hand.

EPFL+ECAL Lab: innovations should feel natural to users to be sustainable

Innovation is not about impressing people with the latest technologies. For the EPFL+ECAL Lab, an innovation is successful if a user forgets about the technology and instead focuses on the content.

iNOVA Media Lab: research, project development and networking with media

Joining the worlds of social sciences and emerging technologies, by applying their research to media industry practices.

Digital World Research Centre: exploring the interplay between media content, platform and experience

DWRC brings together engineering, communication, social science, business, design and arts to work on media innovation projects that have a concrete impact on society and culture.

Lab 351: innovation-in-a-box approach allows anyone in the company to develop their ideas and entrepreneurial skills

The Globe and Mail encourages all employees in the company to pitch as many innovative ideas as they can even if they are at the back of napkin stage.

AP Lab: including everyone in the organisation in the innovation process

The Associated Press is developing a worldwide hub through internal and external innovation efforts to encourage a culture of experimentation and collaboration within the organisation.

Hackastory: teaching coders and journalists how to collaborate

Building the future of journalism by organising journalism Hackathons where multidisciplinary teams of designers, coders and journalists work together.

InVID : video verification project involving developers, academics and journalists

Short for ‘In video veritas’ (in video, there is truth), InVID is creating a platform that allows journalists to verify video content from social networks more easily.

The Brown Institute for Media Innovation: cross-pollinating innovation and “Magic” on America’s coasts

Exploring new forms of storytelling, with the intent of furthering both engineering research and journalistic practice.

DMJX Media Maker Space: where the Danish School of Media and Journalism meets its community

Not called a ‘Lab’ but a Media Maker Space, because they’re looking for co-creation rather than grand solutions.

J-Lab: aiding new media start-ups through training, consultancy and research

Focused on civic journalism and media entrepreneurship, J-Lab is a US-based national incubation centre that aims to promote digital media innovation within traditional media organisations and journalism start-ups.

Texas State University MILab: Introducing media innovation into university teaching

Through their work with Web development, virtual reality/360 video, drone journalism and multimedia storytelling, the team is looking to influence digital media disciplines.

Théophraste: building relationships within the company and with the start-up ecosystem

The French Sud Ouest newspaper in Bordeaux is inviting local start-ups to share office space and resources from within the organisation to help accelerate their development.

Independent Lab: developing products through developing people

The lab within Independent Media is training technology graduates in media, so they get can apply technology in the newsroom and innovate in the media sector.

Roularta Mediatech Accelerator: media for equity for advertising and media technology startups

Roularta Mediatech Accelerator is a programme initiated by the Roularta Media Group, together with Duval Union, to provide support and guidance for media technology startups.

Media Innovation Studio: international research, creative methods and multidisciplinary approaches

UCLan’s Media Innovation Studio is a research centre and learning media lab which engages in a broad variety of media activities, including drone journalism, progressive media teaching, media research and product development.

Media Lab Bayern: an incubation unit for digital media development and innovation

Focused on digital journalism innovation, Media Lab Bayern is a co-working incubation unit for media innovation startup companies which provides journalism and entrepreneurship aid and coaching for media development.

University of Vienna MiLab: innovating media through academic research

University of Vienna’s Media Innovation Lab (MiLab) is a research-based unit which examines the development of new media technologies and evolution of media innovation, while also analysing the impact new media has on the public and society.

Arizona State University New Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab: cutting-edge media innovation through app development

Arizona State University New Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab is a research and development unit which focuses on producing cutting-edge products for media companies and educating students from various departments to enhance the regional and national media system.

BBC News Labs: collaborative unit for media innovation and product development

BBC News Labs is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary unit which focuses on developing digital innovation tools to solve issues within the media and improve news content.

University of Kansas Media Innovation Lab: bringing students, professors and industries together for media innovation

University of Kansas Media Innovation Lab is a multi-disciplinary lab which combines academic research with digital product development and teaching in order to foster media innovation, as well as help develop new project ideas.

AFP Medialab: information verification and user experience at the core of newsroom innovation

A small team of journalists and engineers are developing new tools for the newsroom and building innovative user experiences to valorise AFP’s content.

NewsThings: exploring what the Internet of Things could be for news and information

This collaborative project aims to understand how journalism could harness connected things to find new ways of connecting with people and conveying stories, and to create prototypes that will allow this in the near future.

INJECT: a journalism and technology project building creativity tools for journalists

The INJECT project unites 14 partners in 6 European countries in the development of new digital technologies for news organisations.

Nordjyske Startup: incubator within the second oldest media company in Denmark

In return for new ideas and knowledge, media house Nordjyske Medier offers startups its expertise and network to develop their businesses further.

APA-medialab: innovating journalism through prototypes and trend research

An interdisciplinary team of developers, designers, journalists, researchers and marketeers are working together on ideas for new products and services.

Time Inc UK Innovation Lab: accelerated product development

Insights, intelligence, incubation and propagation – How Time Inc. UK adopted rapid development to drive new products.

Drone Journalism Lab: action research and innovation

The Lab’s work is to equip journalists and the wider industry with the skills and knowledge they’ll need for the future

Knight Lab at Northwestern: Q&A with Professor Joe Germuska

Northwestern University Knight Lab builds software that helps inform and engage the public

NYC Media Lab: a public-private partnership for innovation

NYC Media Lab unites New York City-based companies, researchers and students to drive digital media development by creating an ‘open innovation ecosystem’

Stibo Accelerator: inviting students and startups to help boost creativity and innovation

Inviting students and startups in to help boost creativity and innovation

NTNU – Sense-IT

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s Sense-IT Lab is exploring 3DTV, augmented media, immersive experiences and whole body interaction techniques

NxtMedia: a collaborative network for innovation

Harnessing multi-skilled networks in Norway and beyond to create internationally-recognised innovation

Amaury Lab: a startup incubator led by a publisher

Amaury Lab brings together startups and entrepreneurs with the established Amaury Group publishing house to collaborate innovate, develop new projects and share creative approaches.

Asahi Shimbun Media Lab: internal innovation

An independent department for brainstorming and testing out new concepts using Asahi’s existing skills and assets.

Sud Ouest’s Théophraste: in-house acceleration and collaborative enterprise

Bordeaux’s Sud Ouest newspaper’ startup lab – Théophraste – invites local startups to share office space and resources to help accelerate their development.

Open Lab

A cross disciplinary approach to digital technology driven by users and participatory innovation.

Centre for Community Journalism: engaging and innovating

C4CJ offers one-to-one support, hyperlocal journalism hubs and massive open online courses with global reach and thousands of participants

Pervasive Media Studio

Creating innovation through a multidisciplinary collaboration,

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