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Exploring 3DTV, augmented media, immersive experiences and whole body interaction techniques, Sense-IT at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is main hub for the Department of electronics and telecommunications  research into sensor based digital storytelling and digital storytelling tools.

Initially created in 2003, the Lab formed part of the Norwegian National Centre of Excellence – Q2S (Quantifiable quality of service for communication system). Lab manager Professor Andrew Perkis describes its remit to explore and work within the intersection between art and technology. Its current focus is on sensor-based digital storytelling, and is made up of master, PhD students and post-doc researchers.

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the lab, those working these have a wide range of skills and approaches. These span computer science, signal processing, art and technology. However, these skills are also underpinned by creativity.

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Projects and methods

Perkis outlines a number of projects the lab has been involved in. Although each project involves its own unique approach and methodologies, he suggests that the uniting factor is that they are driven by “experimentation, piloting and demonstration”.

Over a short to medium term, the work is driven by inquiries into user needs and interactions. When the research team is exploring longer-term strategies, this work is conducted amid a research-centric approach – i.e. establishing research questions within academic contexts and expertise. Both these elements are driven by the Lab’s five-year research strategy.

Specific projects to either emerge from or include Sense-IT span

Adressaparken – a new initiative in Trondheim to create a new interactive park space to allow people to come together to witness, learn about or engage with digital innovation. A partnership between the municipality of Trondheim, NTNU and regional newspaper Adresseavisen Adressaparken hopes to be a hub for creative technology and house permanent interactive art installations. It describes itself as an “open arena for trying new expressions and new, digital forms of narrative. It should be a place to play, explore and learn – and to wonder, experience and relax”.

QoENet – innovative Quality Of Experience maNagement in Emerging MulTimedia services – This training network, funded by the European Commission for four years, focusses how people experience either delight or annoyance when engaging with digital services. Some of the areas under investigation include web TV, social and immersive TV and mobile gaming. NTNU is a partner in the project that spans seven countries – the network includes seven academic institutions, three companies and one standardization institute. The sense-IT lab and its methodologies play a crucial role in the work. The aims are to create methodological approaches and research frameworks for exploring quality of experience across disciplines spanning signal processing, communications, business, psychology and sociology.

ArtecNTNU’s arts and technology task force, Artec is a cross-disciplinary collaboration within and beyond the university that champions research and artistic excellence. It does this through exploring the links between the humanities and technology. External partners include Adresseavisen and Trondheim municipality.

VisualMedia – This is an Innovation Action funded by the European Commission. The main topic is driven by industry requirements to continually improve audience engagement, VisualMedia is combining social media content with 3D graphics. It hopes to “provide broadcasters with the capability to manage complex and diverse data streaming in through the wide range of social media channels, and to translate this data into engaging interactive content for a better consumer experience”.


Funding for the Lab’s activities comes from a range of sources. These include government and public funding, European funding structures – such as Horizon 2020 – and industry-funded research and development.

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Professor Andrew Perkis

Professor and Lab manager

Twitter: @andrewperkis



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