Poool’s dynamic paywall enables publishers to simply collect, analyse and activate their data to personalise readers’ experience and increase engagement.

Most readers leave a website when they run up against a premium post. They are frustrated and don’t come back to the webpage: This is a reason why news media lose potential subscribers. But thanks to French Start-up Poool, publishers can personalise the customer journey and streamline user experience towards paywalls that are integrated into their websites. With several algorithms, Poool analyses readers’ behaviour in order to determine their involvement level and to set different kind of rules for different kind of readers. That allows news media to push the right action at the right time, to maximise monetisation and involvement with premium content.

Poool won the IMEC Press for More Award last year, because they “found a solution to a problem we all recognise”: readers immediately leaving the website again when they encounter a pay wall.




Maxime Moné, Co-Founder Poool.
LinkedIn: Maxime Moné
Web: poool.fr/en


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