9 JUNE 2014 – HACKATHON: Future of advertising

At the Advertising Hackathon in Torino, we wanted to bring creative people from many disciplines of news publishing and advertising together to hack the current news media advertising conventions.

The purpose:

To come up with new innovative advertising concepts by bringing together creative minds passionate about marketing and new advertising models for news media.

We wanted to encourage creativity in the advertising department – new and innovative ways to draw the advertising money back to newspapers. For example, when Aftonbladet made a mobile ad campaign for an ice cream company that only shows if the user is at a beach AND the sun is shining.

On the model of hack days (with software developers), bring 50-100 people from different aspects of advertising together, form teams and let them come up with a number of ideas that they conceptualize over 36 hours and in the end present to a jury.


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