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Gerald Innerwinkler

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Big Data, Data Visualisation, Interoperability, Privacy and Security, Social Media

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APA-IT Informations Technologie GmbH is Austria’s leading service provider for media, but also offers customised solutions for companies from business and politics. As a subsidiary of APA – Austria Press Agency, we provide high-quality IT services pertaining to the production, analysis, processing and marketing of digital content. For example Gentics Mesh, an API-First CMS, with which you can implement web applications and apps with your preferred web technologies and development tools as well as the semantic annotation service SmartTag which detects and classifies elements contained in a text.

Due to decades of expertise developed in the DACH zone, we not only have a specific understanding of the industry and experience, but also a superior ability to recognise technological innovations early on and to create products and services that support companies in the implementation of their digital strategy. Therefore we are really proud to be part at GAMI and to contribute to projects which will support media facing the challenges of the digital age.