By facilitating the access to this kind of data, the customer saves time and resources, so that they’re able to instantly enhance, develop and create their applications or services.

The team has several use cases in mind which will provide an “added value” in the segment of marketing technologies, publishing, digitalization, user profile enrichment, personalization, search, document analysis and advertising.

The sophisticated deep learning algorithms powered by advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial intelligence (AI) analyze, extract, score and weight the most valuable website categories (IAB taxonomy), keywords and their entity (type) out of any text, URL or text-based social media stream to provide qualified contextual information in a simple JSON response format.

The vision is to offer this service for at least 40+ languages. Right now we support 16 languages, which are auto detected by the service.


Michael Boecher, Founder and CEO, hyScore
LinkedIn: Michael Boecher


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